Susan Byrnes


   Susan B Studio, LLC

Based on the process and wonder of scientific discovery, DISCOVER is a multimedia exhibition consisting of  4 installations and 4 sculptures:
Wonder, Two channel video installation with sound
Epiphany, Three channel audio with blown glass
Vessels, Sixteen foot shelf with 24 cast glass blocks
The Bench, Two channel audio with blown glass test tubes and stands
Density, Clarity, Cast glass sculpture
Failure, Sculpture with single channel audio, blown glass funnel, beaker, and stand
Drosophila Embryo, blown glass sculpture
Mouse Eye, blown glass sculpture with LED light

Discover Statement:

       I wanted to investigate the world of scientific research because its language is so dense and foreign to me, yet its processes, laboratory environment, and working culture have similarities to those of the artist and the studio.  Also, I find the laboratory environment to be filled with compelling images, forms and materials, which inspired those in this body of work.
      The voices in the pieces are distilled from a series of interviews with molecular biologists that involved such questions as, how did you feel when you made your first discovery and, do you consider science to be a creative field?  Our discussions touched on the themes of wonder, failure, and epiphany, as well as the processes and tools that engage the scientists as they seek to discover or reveal aspects of the world, large or small, that advance the knowledge and understanding of humankind.

  • What Mad Pursuit 2:57

Wonder, Video 14:02

This project was made possible by the city of Cincinnati through a Cincinnati Arts Ambassador Fellowship. Included are voices and research images of Cincinnati Children's Hospital molecular biologists Brian Gebelein, Nadine Brown (currently at UC Davis), Tiffany Cook (currently at Wayne State University), Kenneth Campbell, Rashmi Hegde, Josh Waxman, Aaron Zorn, and Geraldine Guasch Grangeon (currently at CRCM, France).

Condensed version of audio created as a story about the epiphany of discovery for the Third Coast Audio Festival library.